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Wealth, Health, Power, Spiritual & Wisdom. 


"Unlock the Power of The Five Manifestations of Wealth"

Discover a bracelet that embodies the essence of wealth, health, power, spirituality, and wisdom.

Each facet of this remarkable bracelet draws inspiration from the Five Dzambhala Colors, representing different aspects of abundance and prosperity. The Five Dzambhala deities, a revered group of wealth bestowers, infuse this bracelet with their blessings.

  • Yellow Dzambhala: Foster financial stability and prosperity, accumulates wealth.
  • White Dzambhala: Embodying spiritual wealth, inner peace, and the purification of negative karma, get rid of poverty and sins.
  • Red Dzambhala: Igniting personal strength, confidence, and the drive to overcome obstacles.
  • Green Dzambhala: Symbolizing abundance in health, vitality, and emotional well-being.
  • Black Dzambhala: A source of wisdom, knowledge, and spiritual enlightenment. Remove all misfortunes and obstacles, and prevent theft, bad debts and loss of wealth.

"Wear this bracelet and experience the harmonious convergence of these five manifestations, inviting abundance and prosperity into your life."






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