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Real Feng Shui Obsidian Bracelet Review

The truth about FAKE vs. Authentic Pixiu Bracelet is here in few words.



Sadly, many unscrupulous online stores and many individuals are selling fake bracelets on popular platforms and websites, misleading people who naturally trust and rely on those websites.

An Authentic Pixiu bracelet to attract good luck, wealth and protection, must be made of good quality materials. Only genuine crystals possess the energy to provide the benefits. A good quality Pixiu made of real gold or silver is also crucial to manifest wealth. As you may read already, the Pixiu is feed only with Gold, Silver and jewels, It is the reason the original Pixiu Bracelet is made of real crystals (semiprecious stones) and real gold in order to manifest and attract that type of energy.

"Money attracts money"  -Money is usually attracted, not pursued

To attract Money you must focus on wealth so, the Pixiu bracelet is here to help you manifest it!

"Blessed by Monks"  FALSE- another marketing strategy to sell the product. Monks do not bless products for others to sell. They are not involved in business. 

Lets review the quality of this product in the market today. 

Below is the imitation bracelet you can find all over the internet and Youtubers videos sourced from aliexpress made of resin, plastic, glass beads and gold color painted pixiu.  Unfortunately, most people attracted by this item are not well versed in differentiating genuine crystals from imitation and buy these bracelets not realizing they are buying a fake one.

Do you think a bracelet that cost 0.98 in aliexpress can have genuine obsidian and real gold? of course NO

NOTE that Aliexpress says " imitation natural black obsidian" 




amazon and online stores







Staying well informed is the best way to make a good decision when purchasing this product.


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