Real Feng Shui Obsidian Bracelet Review

The truth about FAKE vs. Authentic Pixiu Bracelet


Sadly, many unscrupulous online stores and fancy Youtube videos advertise the imitation version as the Real bracelet, misleading people who naturally trust and rely on those websites.

Quality is number one rule when getting this bracelet.  An Authentic Pixiu bracelet to attract wealth, is made of good quality materials. Only genuine crystals possess the energy to provide the benefits. A good quality Pixiu made of real gold or silver is also crucial to manifest wealth. As you may read already, the Pixiu is a mystical creature feed with precious gems, gold and silver. This amulet has been used  It is the reason the original Pixiu Bracelet is made of real crystals and real gold in order to feed its eneegy and keep it live to attract wealth. "Money attracts money"  -Money is usually attracted, not pursued


FALSE- "Blessed by Monks" - another marketing strategy used by sellers to sell this product. Monks do not bless products for others to sell. They are not involved in business. You can get blessed a personal item during a visit to the monastery. 


Now, lets review the quality product in the market. 


Below, is the imitation version of the bracelet you can find all over the internet and well made You-tubers videos sourced, bracelets are made of resin, plastic, glass beads and gold color painted Pixiu.  Unfortunately, most people attracted by this item are not well versed in differentiating genuine crystals from imitation and attracted by the cheap price buy these bracelets not realizing they are buying a fake one.











they sale on amazon, ebay and many overseas online stores selling in our country 







Staying well informed is the best way

to make a good decision



















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