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Feng Shui NORTH Facing House

Lucky Items to activate this house in 2024

The auspicious Flying Star 8, positioned in the North this year, brings a wave of positive energy to homes facing this direction. Residents of these homes can anticipate a host of favorable influences that contribute to overall well-being and success.

Flying Star 8 is associated with wealth and prosperity. Its presence in the North signifies the potential for financial growth and abundance for residents. Those living in homes facing the North may experience enhanced opportunities for financial success, be it in career advancements, investments, or business endeavors. Placing strategic decor and Feng Shui items in the North sector of your home is a way to activate and enhance the positive energy associated with the Flying Star 8.  For residents of a north-facing house during a year when the Flying Star 8 is present in the North, carrying or wearing lucky symbols is a way to enhance personal luck and success. 


Here are some Feng Shui Items to effectively activate the lucky star in the North

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