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9 Coins Under Doormat

Wealth Energy at Your Doorstep with 9 Coins Under the Doormat


Placing nine coins at the front door entrance or under the doormat, specifically in a circular shape, is believed to symbolize the continuous flow of money and good fortune making its way into your life. Burying the coins under the pathway leading to your home or office can further enhance the intention of inviting wealth and abundance into your space. The circular shape represents wholeness and completion, reinforcing the concept of continuous prosperity.

This variation of the practice emphasizes the idea of money and good fortune reaching your doorstep, as the coins are positioned along the path that leads to your home or office. The intention behind burying the coins is to establish a strong energetic connection between the outside environment and your living or work space, allowing positive energy and financial opportunities to flow towards you

The practice of placing nine coins under the doormat is a popular Feng Shui technique believed to attract wealth and good fortune into the home.

Here's more information about this practice:

  1. Symbolism and Numerology:

    • The number nine is considered highly auspicious in Chinese culture and Feng Shui. It represents completeness, abundance, and eternity.
    • Coins, particularly those with a square-shaped hole in the center, hold symbolic significance and are associated with wealth and prosperity.
  2. Wealth Activation:

    • Placing nine coins under the doormat is believed to activate the energy of wealth as people enter and leave the home.
    • The act of stepping on the coins is thought to stimulate the flow of positive energy, attracting financial opportunities and good fortune.
  3. Intention and Activation:

    • As you place the coins under the doormat, do so with clear intentions and positive thoughts about attracting wealth, abundance, and good fortune into your life and home.
    • You can visualize the coins acting as a magnet, drawing prosperity and financial opportunities towards your doorstep.
  4. Maintenance and Replacement:

    • Regularly check the condition of the coins and replace them if they become worn or damaged.