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WEST- Creativity & Completion


This area is located in the West of your Bagua map and represents blooming projects, creativity and completion of anything you set your mind to. It is a great area to energize with the right colors, accents and Feng Shui decor, especially if this is an office or creative desk area. 
If this space falls into any other area, you can still reap the benefits and even spend time working on your projects here. 

This area is ruled by the Metal element. Feng Shui cures and decorations will need to represent this element in colors, such as whites and greys, or any colors that nourish this element like Earthy tones (Earth nourishes metal) 

The best way to activate this area is to keep it well lit and with a continuous flow of fresh air. Activate the energy of creation and completion by applying Feng Shui symbols that will motivate the completion and success of your projects.