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The Flying Star #7 is associated with the Metal element and is often known as the "Violent Star" or the "Robbery Star."

This star negatively impacts the wealth aspect of homes, especially those facing or situated in the South. Given that the South represents one's reputation, losses may be tied to your status and good name. If your front door faces South, it's crucial to enhance security and use protective cures for your assets and wealth. Consider displaying the Elephant & Rhinoceros with Ksitigarbha Staff or Door Guardians Plaque. Individuals born in the year of the Horse should carry the Elephant & Rhinoceros with Ksitigarbha Staff Amulet. For overall protection of assets and livelihood, the Magic Macaw is recommended.

  1. Negative Aspects:

    • Conflict and Violence: Flying Star #7 is considered an inauspicious star associated with conflict, violence, and theft. Its presence in a specific sector is believed to bring about potential disputes, arguments, or even physical harm.
    • Financial Loss: This star is also associated with the potential for financial loss, including the risk of robbery or other monetary setbacks.
  2. Placement Recommendations:

    • To mitigate the negative effects of Flying Star #7, various Feng Shui remedies may be applied in the sector, it is also recommended to carry amulets for those residing in a house facing SOUTH or occupying a room in this sector. 

In 2024, the #7 Robbery Star is coinciding with the presence of the Natural Disaster Star among the 24 mountains. This sector gains increased significance as the new location of the Direct Spirit in the Period of 9. The comprehensive protection provided by this remedy extends to guarding against robbery, violence, betrayal, and financial setbacks. 


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