windfall luck amulet

Windfall Luck Amulet

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This Windfall Luck Amulet features the Dog and Rabbit, secret friends who bring spectacular windfall luck when they appear together. This kind of luck is wealth that comes as a bonanza, unexpected and sudden. It could come as a big bonus at work, winning the lottery, a jump in the value of your assets, a large inheritance, a promotion in your career, or a rise up the ranks to high office. Comes with the Chinese character “Choy” meaning “Wealth” on the front and the Winning Talisman to fortify winning luck on the back. An excellent energize for the Big Auspicious Star and for attracting grand windfalls whenever the #6 Heaven Star makes an appearance. Also a powerful trigger for wealth luck that is imminent but that needs a little push.

Metal charm measure 4" L