Feng Shui Wu Lou Meaning and Placement 



Wu Lou is a popular symbol of good health and Longevity to display at home in the health area (east of any room) or in the sector afflicted by the annual illness star #2 ( north sector during 2021). The energy of the illness star brings sickness, pain and accidents. The improper layout of Feng Shui at this direction will cause illness of family members and misfortune to the family.

Feng Shui makes use of Metal Wu Lou to cure this affliction. The Wu Lou has long been used to carry medicine and "magic"Feng Shui masters have replicated the shape into brass  in order to absorb the astrological negative energy. For this reason, the Wu Lou is revered both in Buddhist and Taoist circles as a symbol of longevity and perfect health. It is used for protection against illness as well as to promote good fortune and “healthy” energy all around.

Below, you will find different styles of Wu Lous to cure the illness star 2 and display in the health sector( East) to bring Health and longevity luck.