2023 Classical Flying Stars Feng Shui House Reading

2023 Classical Flying Stars Feng Shui House Reading

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 This is a digital custom consultation report that you will receive by E-MAIL. Please allow anywhere from 7-10 business days for the completion of your reading, wait time depends on the current queue. Please note that we may be sending questions by e-mail if we are needing extra information. 

Our lives are shaped by 3 types of luck...
  • Heaven luck: Determined at conception and birth. This is your energetic blueprint. The cosmic and elemental energies and karmic influences that map out your overall life path. 
  • Human luck: Freewill and choices, subconscious and conscious. Our own efforts to overcome obstacles in life and realize our expressions. We can refine and cultivate ourselves to improve our luck and outlook.
  • Earth luck: This is where we utilize the practice of Feng Shui. To manipulate the chi of our environment in order to open up possibilities and opportunities for that which we seek. 
In this report we look into your home's "natal energy" and how the form functions and influences the lives of the occupants. We suggest remedies, point out improper feng shui, and provide suggestions for how to get the best use out of the home. Our aim is to improve the earth luck of the space.
We suggest ways to improve the chi quality to open up possibilities. 
What we will need from you:
• The address of the home you want the reading for
• Floorplan 
• Year built (if you do not know, we can try to find it through local county reports)
• Any major renovations with date (roof, windows, doors, floor, extensions)
• Any major concerns regarding work, finances, relationships, health
In some cases we will ask you to take pictures of each side of the property to assess entry point of chi. 
What you will receive in this report:
• Virtual compass reading (taking into account the magnetic declination)
• Your floor plan with flying star chart superimposed
• Your floor plan with the 8 compass directions superimposed
• Permanent + annual Flying Star "Xuan Kong" analysis for each sector (this is the main part of the report)
• Eight mansions analysis 
• Remedies for problematic combinations, as well as for any missing sectors
• Tips to enhance beneficial energy
• Feng shui form school analysis (surrounding land form is analyzed)
• Best directions for each person in the household (for sleeping, studying, working, health, etc.) up to 4 persons.
• Personal element for each person in the household and how they can enhance it
• The trigram profile of your house and best colors to paint the outside
• Chinese animal annual horoscope for each member of the household
• Optional peach blossom activation (where and how to activate it for those looking for romance)
We utilize a combination of Classical, Intentional (Ba Gua) and Form school Feng Shui. 
This report works only on the inside of the house, for landscape and garden layout that would require an add-on for the report, please e-mail us with your detailed request. 
We will also answer any follow-up questions via e-mail after the report.