Feng Shui Big Auspicious Star

Wealth Bull for Activating Wealth & Big Auspicious

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Wealth Bull Activator for Big and Small Auspicious Star in 2023 located in the Southeast, South 1, Northeast and North

This is a powerful Wealth Bull depicted biting on a string of gold coins with the sacred Hum syllable on lotus on its back. The Wealth Bull is a powerful sacred enlightened being who bestows blessings to those who invites its powerful presence into their homes. This beautiful bull brings heightened spiritual awareness to any situation and enables you to spot the big opportunities. It brings positive realizations that increase your abilities thereby enabling you to make the best decisions in all situations. When you display the Wealth Bull near you on your desk it neutralizes negative forces, making you strong and smart in the face of competition. It gives you the willpower to transform difficult situations into great opportunities. Place this Sacred Bull on the Big and Small Auspicious Star locations!  

All signs enjoying this kind of luck should carry the Big Auspicious amulet and display an activator at home in their animal sign sector. 

Metal Figure measure 5" w x 3.5 H