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The armored Elephant and Rhinoceros is specially designed with an impenetrable armor to, this pair makes the perfect team to protect you against burglary, theft, break-ins, money loss, violence and betrayals. The dark blue color represents strong water element which is needed to weaken the Metal energy of the Loss Star.  Display this formidable duo in the home or office to ward off harm, unscrupulous competition, traitors and difficult market situations for the occupants. In the year 2022 the #7 Violent Star flies into the West (affecting Roosters and the youngest daughter) and 2023 into the Northeast palace (Ox and Tiger). If you sleep in the afflicted sector, of if your main door is located or facing the afflicted direction, you will need this Feng Shui cure.

Elephant measure 6" L x 4.5" H- Rhinoceros 6" L x 3.5" H

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