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Windfall Luck Magnifier Amulet for Gambling

Windfall Luck Magnifier Amulet for Gambling

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This lock shaped coin is specially used to protect your good luck and assets and magnify speculative affairs such as horse racing, stock market, gambling, and lotteries. The center of the lock coin features Chinese characters meaning a lot of gold. At the four corners of this coin, there are Chinese Characters that represent horse racing and the stock market. Carry the Lock Coin with you for gambling. Place the Lock Coin magnifying amulet along with your investment folders or gambling tickets to bring maximum opportunities for winning. This coin is meant to enhance good luck in risky investments. A must-have during times of economic volatility, or when you are afflicted with loss stars in your Feng Shui chart.

Metal coin measure 2" diam. Charm measure 4" L