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6th June 2023 – 6th July 2023





Welcome to the month of doubles, where the monthly stars join forces with their annual counterparts, unleashing intensified energies. During this time, auspicious sectors are blessed with even greater luck, while inauspicious areas pose increased risks. It is crucial to reevaluate the potentially hazardous zones in your home and office, ensuring that your feng shui remedies are in place and reinforced if necessary. Although the heightened atmosphere may feel unsettling, the doubling of the Relationship Star #4 in the center sector signifies a united front where people come together to lend support. It is a suitable month to extend goodwill and strengthen bonds with those significant in your life. 

The North-South axis presents a delightful abundance of Prosperity Stars, making North and South-facing homes fortunate recipients of various blessings. Additionally, the West sector brings forth great heavenly luck, while the SW sector manifests Double Victory luck. Illuminate these sectors and use them frequently to make the most of their positive energies. However, caution is advised for those residing in East-oriented homes or having East sector bedrooms, as the front part of the home is afflicted by magnified Quarrelsome, Illness, and Loss Stars. Similarly, the NW sector harbors double Misfortune Stars, indicating the need for fathers and individuals in leadership positions to proceed with care. Minimizing activities in these sectors and ensuring maximum feng shui protection measures are in place.


 3-3: In the Southeast sector, the Quarrelsome Star #3 intensifies, creating an atmosphere charged with conflict, discord, and the potential for legal disputes among its residents. If your main door or bedroom is located in the Southeast, you may experience an increase in family quarrels that are not only more frequent but also more intense. It is crucial to maintain a sense of tranquility in this sector. Consider displaying the Red Prosperity Elephant and a red carpet in the Southeast to appease the conflict chi. These symbolic items can help subdue the negative energies. Additionally, promoting harmony in your relationships can be achieved by carrying the Trinity of Apples Amulet Charm. For married couples with bedrooms in the Southeast, displaying the Marriage Lock on their bedside table is recommended. This protective talisman can safeguard their matrimonial harmony amidst the challenging energies of the sector. 


8-8: The South sector remains exceptionally fortunate, thanks to the powerful combination of the Double 8. This alignment amplifies wealth and money luck, making it a highly favorable area for those seeking to enhance their income or accumulate assets. It is recommended to display symbolic items such as the Pak Choy or Big Money Bull in the South sector to harness the abundant and auspicious energies present. Individuals can consider wearing the Wealth Pixiu or Dzi 8 Eyes Bracelet to further align with the wealth vibrations. These accessories can attract and enhance prosperity in your life. Take advantage of the concentrated wealth luck in the South sector and actively engage with these positive energies to invite financial improvements and growth into your life.

1-1: In the Southwest sector, two Victory Stars align, creating a favorable environment for new opportunities and enhancing one's potential for success and influence. Individuals residing in Southwest-facing homes or bedrooms will experience numerous chances to gain recognition and make significant progress. This indication is auspicious for women, including mothers and matriarchs. Consider displaying the Dragon Tortoise Ru Yi on your desk to accelerate your career advancement. This symbol can help propel your professional trajectory forward. Those participating in competitions or contests can expect favorable outcomes. Moreover, business owners with plans for growth and expansion will find this month particularly strong and auspicious. To activate the good chi in the Southwest sector, adorn the area with items such as the Joyous Windhorse and carry the Windhorse Success Amulet. These symbols can attract positive energies and amplify your chances of success. Students can enhance their study luck by carrying the Smart Vibrations Mirror, fostering a conducive learning environment. Embrace the wonderful opportunities and positive influences present in the Southwest sector, and utilize these auspicious energies to your advantage.


2-2: In the East sector, the Illness Stars converge, intensifying the presence of negative health-related energies. This month, occupants of homes facing East or with bedrooms located in this sector may experience heightened lethargy, increased susceptibility to illnesses, and a greater vulnerability to spiritual disturbances. It is crucial to prioritize your well-being and remain attentive to your surroundings. To counteract the adverse effects of the magnified illness chi, consider displaying the Healing Wu Lou in the East sector. These symbols can help ward off negative energies and promote healing. Wearing a Medicine Buddha Pendant can also provide additional protection against breakthrough illness chi. For individuals over 60 years or those already dealing with health issues, it is advisable to temporarily relocate them from the East sector during this month to minimize potential risks. Be proactive in safeguarding your health and well-being by implementing the suggested remedies and remaining vigilant throughout this period.


4-4: The center sector becomes a hub of favorable energies as the monthly #4 star combines with the annual #4 star, blessing everyone. These auspicious energies bring academic success, enhanced creativity, and improved romance luck. For individuals seeking academic achievements, displaying the Academic Plaque in the center sector and carrying the Smart Vibrations Mirror is recommended. These items activate positive energies and support academic pursuits. Those desiring to tap into their inner creativity and wisdom can benefit from having the Manjushri Wisdom Stupa in this sector. The #4 stars also bring an abundance of love and romance. Consider placing the Romance Lock in the center sector to attract new love. For married couples, this sector can further enhance romantic connections and harmony. Embrace the harmonious energies in the center sector, and utilize the suggested remedies and symbols to unlock the potential for academic success, creative inspiration, and fulfilling romantic relationships.


6-6: The West sector brings exceptional luck from heavenly influences, ushering in celestial blessings, windfalls, financial gains, benefactors, and mentors.  this auspicious energy is particularly potent for residents of West-facing homes and those with bedrooms in the West sector. However, everyone can activate this sector to enjoy the same benefits. The presence of the Double 6 enhances networking efforts, strengthens alliances, and attracts individuals who can offer valuable assistance. It also aids in removing obstacles, thereby increasing the likelihood of achieving desired outcomes. To fully tap into this positive energy, use the West sector frequently by turning on lights or playing lively music to activate its vibrant energies.  To further gain the support of heavenly forces, consider displaying the Heavenly Star Charm, and this can enhance the flow of positive energy and blessings. If you seek windfalls, activate this aspect with the Dog and Rabbit Windfall Luck Activator. For mentorship and benefactor luck, carry the Nobleman Gui Ren Talisman as a symbol of attracting supportive and influential individuals into your life. Embrace the opportunities presented by the West sector and make the most of its fortunate energies to manifest financial gains, receive guidance from mentors, and benefit from the support of benefactors.


7-7: Caution is necessary for the Northeast sector as it harbors fierce energies associated with violence, betrayals, and potential loss. It is advised to refrain from using this sector within your home and office, and it is not recommended to undertake any renovations or home improvement projects in this area at this time. If your front door or bedroom is located in the Northeast, it is essential to take extra precautions to ensure your safety and protection. Displaying protective symbols such as the Anti-Robbery Plaque, Royal Elephant, and the Cosmic Rhinoceros can help shield your home against break-ins and ward off negative energies. Wearing the Anti-Robbery Amulet can further fortify your protection against ill-intentioned individuals. Additionally, carrying the Wealth Lock Amulet can help safeguard your wealth and financial well-being. Be diligent in implementing these protective measures to mitigate the potential risks associated with the Northeast sector's adverse energies and to ensure the safety and security of yourself and your belongings.


9-9: The North sector becomes a haven for long-term prosperity as the annual and monthly Future Prosperity Stars converge. This auspicious combination brings forth good fortune energies, facilitating easy success, new opportunities, contentment, and happiness. Individuals residing in the South sector can anticipate increased motivation to pursue their goals and aspirations. To maximize the potential for long-term prosperity, it is advisable to activate the North sector as much as possible. Displaying symbols such as the Nine Rank Badge Plaque can help attract favorable energies and enhance the manifestation of your plans. Additionally, the presence of the Great Magic Tortoise symbolizes stability and can accelerate the fruition of your endeavors. For those seeking to enhance wealth luck, consider activating the North sector with the God of Wealth, known to bring abundance and prosperity. Embrace the positive energies in the North sector and utilize the suggested symbols and remedies to invite long-term prosperity, successful opportunities, and contentment into your life

5-5: The Northwest sector poses a significant challenge as the monthly Five Yellow Star combines with the annual Five Yellow Star, doubling the presence of misfortune, illness, and potential financial losses for residents in this area. It is important to note that the Northwest sector is associated with the Patriarch's energy. Hence, fathers and individuals in senior positions are particularly vulnerable to significant obstacles during this time. Despite the adverse influences, there is a glimmer of favorable completion luck to be tapped into as the stars also form the lucky Sum-of-Ten combination. To maximize the energies in the Northwest sector, consider displaying the Emerald Pagoda and carrying the Emerald Pagoda Amulet to ward off misfortune chi. Keeping the Sum-of-Ten Amulet close to you ensures smoother outcomes and successful endeavors. To prevent unnecessary financial losses, displaying the Wealth Lock Plaque in the Northwest sector is advisable. Exercise caution and take proactive measures to protect yourself and your interests in the face of the challenging energies in the Northwest sector. Utilize the suggested remedies and symbols to mitigate the negative influences and strive for a more positive outcome.