Feng Shui Compass

Feng Shui Compass

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Feng Shui make use of the compass to identify the 9 sectors of the floor plan. This way you can make arrangements and placements appropriately.

Using the compass is very easy, let’s take a look to three simple steps!

How to take a feng shui compass reading

Before you start  your compass reading, take off  any jewelry , earring, rings, necklaces, no bracelets , no watches, metal will interfere with your compass reading, make sure you don’t have any metal in your body.

1-    Stand on the middle of the doorway, make sure that your shoulder are between the door frames, it is important be in the center of the doorway.

If your house has two doors on either side, but you use only one way, make your reading using the regular door way. (Do not open the other door) use only the regular way where people come and go.  Make sure to stand in the center of that door not at the entire door frame.

2-    Hold the compass in you palm up to your chest

3-    Compass has a red needle which will indicate the NORTH, once the compass make the reading, rotate the compass and line up the red needle with the NOTRH mark in the compass.

Now, you are able to read the right direction of your house, and degrees that your doorway faces to define the map of your space.

Easy to use Feng Shui Compass- Intructions included.