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Celestite for Calmness

Celestite for Calmness

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Cleanse your aura, clear out the clutter from your mind, and let that sweet inner peace into every cell with the potent healing properties of Celestite.  Take a deep breath and relax, Celestite is on your side. This crystal is all about compelling you to find your inner balance and perfect sense of peace. It’s an incredible stone to turn to when you are struggling with dysfunctional relationships as it helps to clear the mind of anger, resentment, and lingering bad moods – making way for clarity, clear eyes, and a sense of calm to breeze right in. When you aren’t being led by the fire of your emotions, you are better equipped to communicate, express compassion both inside and out, and to open your heart. For those who constantly feel on edge or in a state of overwhelm, Celestite quietens the storms raging within.