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Pets play a BIG Role in Feng Shui!

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Are pets good for Feng Shui?

Actually, yes!  In Feng Shui, one attempts to balance the energy around them to bring harmony and good fortune. When most people think of this, they think of using objects, tokens and the placement of physical but lifeless objects to bring that desired balance, but Feng Shui is not only affected by objects, it is also affected by anything with a life force, and this is where are our pets come in. 

They play a big role.

Our pets play a big role in the energy of our homes. They can either positively or negatively impact the chi, depending on how they are treated. Pets generate their own energy that affects the home, so if the home is to be truly balanced, they must be considered in the overall Feng Shui plans!

Our friends have been scientifically proven to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and provide comfort, and their energy, vitality and constantly upbeat natures can improve the overall chi of the home.

Positive vibes wherever they roam.

In conclusion, they provide positive Feng Shui and bring “yang” energy to the home. Wherever they roam, they bring positive vibes with them and since they’re often found wherever we are (often times tailing us a little too closely), the energy around us is positive as well. This flow of energy from a happy, bubbly pet can make the entire home light up, and unlike an auspiciously placed symbol or a properly located plant, pets bring their positive energy to the entire home.

Their space must also have good Feng Shui

We need to make sure to treat our pets with love and affection, and also consider the Feng Shui of the factors that affect their lives, such as the placement of their food, water, bed and toys. Remember: A neglected pet can not only affect the health and happiness of the animal, but the Feng Shui of the entire home. Be sure your pet has a space that’s all its own that is clean and well-maintained, ideally near the left corner or center position of the far wall of your home.

Keep the places where they sleep and eat clean and sheltered, helping your pet stay healthy, active and comfortable.

Healing Crystals to Ensure their Well-being

Place healing crystal stones on the pet’s bed to ensure its health and regeneration while sleeping. You can also implement healing crystals on their collars. Most importantly your pet must feel a lot of love so that it can feel honored and welcome. If it does, it will give this energy back to you and your entire home tenfold.

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