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How Feng Shui Can Help you Conceive- Quick Fertility Tips & Cures

Posted by Sarah@UFS on 29th Aug 2017

Feng Shui for Fertility Tips: How to Improve your Chances of Getting Pregnant!

When trying to conceive, leave no method out. Feng Shui cures, symbols and methods can definitely help with conceiving. Read through this guide and find out how you can boost your fertility luck with quick tips.

Feng shui can help create the right energetic conditions for having a baby, bring harmony to your home and improving the psychological aspect of fertility.

The first step is to stay positive, a negative mind will only make the situation worse and even harder to bear. Stay positive! Think that you will be able to achieve anything you really set your mind to.
Next, we must focus on certain Chi energies that are associated with birth, family, and abundance.

Once you are sure there are no health-related issues causing your infertility, you need to begin making some fixes to your home; the most important environment.

Remember, your home is the reflection of your everyday life. Whichever way it is presenting itself to the world energetically, it is how you are doing so personally.

So, let’s start by checking certain Feng Shui points, to make sure nothing is being blocked, therefore obstructing the fertility energy from entering the energy cycle.

Check for the following fixes to begin improving your fertility luck.

  • Front and back doors are not blocked.
  • There is a free flow of energy at the front entrance, no trees blocking the entrance.
  • No clutter on the Children sector of your home’s Bagua (west)
  • If a bathroom is in the west sector, you need to fix it.
  • No dead plants, old objects around, or anything aesthetically “sad” or “unwelcoming” visually.
  • Check decorations and symbols displaying in the west sector.
  • If you have a closet in the west, you need unclog it and arrange it to receive the new baby.
  • Do you have a ceiling fan over your bed "cutting through" the energy of the abdominal area of both partners? - use a stand fan instead.

Fix and clutter clear the west first to remove any blockage, then display symbols of fertility in this room

Activating the WEST with Feng Shui Symbols for Fertility

The west in known as the creative and children’s part of the home. Activate this area of your home with symbols that will attract fertility energy.

You can also reinforce this area by decorating and painting with the element of the west. Use metal decorations and paint in white and grey color scheme.

Feng Shui Symbols and Cures that attract the fertility Chi

One of the most important symbols are the Pomegranates.

This fruit symbolizes fertility. You can use the 3 Pomegranates in the bedroom or in the west sector to help draw in this energy. 

Other important Symbols for fertility:

Once your child is born, you can keep some of these symbols to ensure protection and happiness for your newborn.

We wish you the best in your journey with the help of Feng Shui!

Good luck!