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period 9 flying star 2024            2024 annual flying star chart



In 2024, the Southeast will host the Tai Sui (Grand Duke Jupiter), potentially causing conflict for the Dragon, Dog, Ox, and Sheep signs. Residents with homes facing Southeast are urged to address this clash by displaying the Tai Sui Plaque in that direction for appeasement and good luck.

The Southeast is further affected by the Illness Star #2, bringing health concerns. To neutralize its influence, place a Pair of Wu Lous or Cranes in this sector, effectively capturing and dispelling illness vibrations for sustained well-being throughout the year.

The Center becomes the focal point for the Quarrelsome Star #3, posing risks of lawsuits and conflicts. Subdue this affliction by placing Three Harmony Animals in the Center.

In 2024, the West harbors the misfortune-bringing 5 Yellow Star. Counteract its effects by strategically placing the White Umbrella Goddess Pagoda in the West.

The South faces the threat of the Violent #7 Star, associated with the risk of armed robbery and violence. Safeguard against this risk by placing the Elephant and Rhinoceros in the South.  Additionally, the South is afflicted by the Three Killings, which may lead to illness, accidents, lawsuits, and robberies. Suppress this affliction by positioning the Three Celestials Guardians Mirror in the South.

For those seeking courage and protection against rivals, display the Magnificent Kwan Kung Plaque on your work desk or a side table at home. Kwan Kung instills the bravery to embrace new opportunities and ideas while offering protection against potential challenges.



The propitious White Star gracefully moves towards the East, ushering in positive energy for everyone. Enhance success in work, business, and competitive situations by placing a Rooster with Dragon Tortoise in this direction.

In 2024, the #4 Star graces the Northwest, bringing forth relationship and academic luck. Foster a strong marriage and a happy family life by displaying good Harmony, Marriage orthe  Love Lock. For wise decision-making, position the Manjushri Plaque in this area.

The Favorable Heaven Star introduces unexpected good fortune of a speculative nature to the Northeast. Enhance this area with the Tai Kat Tai Ley to also invite authority.

The auspicious Wealth Star 8 takes residence in the North for 2024, promising wealth, success, and happiness. Activate this sector with the Young Green Dragon & Water Wave.

In the Southwest, the purple star 9 emerges, hinting at future prosperity and upward mobility. Successfully tap into this luck by activating the area with Auspicious Symbols for this star.


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