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Feng Shui 2022 Flying Stars and 24 Mountains Charts

Feng Shui 2022

Applying the Flying Star and 24 Mountains Stars chart in your home is vital for making the most of the year. These two popular formulas are used in feng shui to create maximum good luck, and they are precise and accurate, easy to understand and bring great results. Superimpose your floor plan over the charts below to identify the lucky and unlucky sectors of the year and apply feng shui cures or enhance accordingly.                                 



FLYING STARS analyses each of the 9 sectors of the compass and explains how to the luck pattern for the year 2022 will affect your home depending on your home’s facing direction. This will help you update your own feng shui as the year turns from Ox to Tiger, with practical and easy-to-apply methods to enhance lucky sectors and to control and suppress sectors that are afflicted this year. The Flying Star is one of the most powerful ways to quickly and effectively enhance your luck using Feng Shui.




THE 24 MOUNTAINS investigate the luck of the year and the fortunes of the twelve animal signs. You can look at the compass stars of the 24 mountains also besides the Flying Stars. These change every year, so their influence on the luck profile of the twelve animal signs also changes from year to year. Different lucky and unlucky fortune stars fly into each of the 24 compass sectors, bringing energies that either improve or decrease the energy of the twelve animal signs.