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Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet



The Feng Shui wealth bracelet is a popular amulet to attract Wealth and good fortune. It features the Pixiu, a symbol of Wealth and good luck, one of the most effective spiritual entities in attracting Wealth. The particular anatomy of the Pixiu is a large stomach filled with jewels, gold, and gems because this is what he feeds himself. He chases Wealth is on its way, filling his belly with these precious objects; this is particular energy characterizing the Pixiu. It is how he attracts, chases, and brings fortune to the owner; it is how this lucky amulet works to Attract, Acquire and Preserve Wealth.


When you are not wearing the bracelet, the Pixiu must rest in a jewelry box or dish filled with semiprecious stones or other good quality jewelry because he needs to be surrounded by its energy, "the energy of Wealth." Fill the bowl with elements that represent wealth. This bracelet must be worn on the left hand, the receiving hand, and always facing outwards to allow the Pixiu to chase fortune.




Why Quality is Important


To support the Pixiu energy, Quality is key. Cheap imitations do not represent the power of the Pixiu neither helps to attract Wealth.  Our Original designs are strung on elegant 8mm and 10mm beads size of authentic obsidian and crystal stones. The Pixiu is made of 18K -24K Gold plated. As always, we stand behind the Quality of our products.


Original Designs, Dazzling, Beautiful, and Elegant.



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We don't sell the Chinese imitation currently selling in the internet.