Anti-Depressant Elixir - Citrine

Anti-Depressant Elixir - Citrine

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Citrine is a great battler on depression. This incredible stone does not hold or accumulate negative energy but dissipates and transmutes it, working out problems on both the physical and subtle levels. Therefore, it never needs clearing or cleansing. This sunny stone is commonly recommended for depression.

Gem elixirs is a great way to integrate the energy of the crystal into your body on a physical, mental and cellular level and is ideal for daily use because it is quick to prepare.

How to prepare your crystal elixir:
To prepare a simple elixir, the first thing you need to do is prepare your crystals or stones. That means they must be cleansed and energized. After you have prepped your crystals, place them in a glass bowl. Fill the bowl with fresh, clean spring or filtered water.

Place the bowl in the sun, and let it charge for two hours. After two hours has passed, you can remove the crystal, and sip the water from the bowl. (You can charge the crystals for more hours and make several elixirs. Recharge the crystals after 6 uses)
This elixir can be stored in a refrigerator for up to two days before losing its powerful healing qualities. 

This kit contains a total of 6 citrine crystals.
You can also separate 2 stones and stick them on the plexus solar chakra using regular surgical tape and allow the energies to become integrated into the chakra. Do not use the crystal you use for your chakra, to make the elixir. Instructions included.