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Amethyst dispelling nervousness, tension, and oversensitivity.

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Healing Qualities: Calming and purifying, it improves temperament and alleviates addictions such as alcoholism and drunkenness, and addictive behavior such as OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). It reduces anger, combats violent tendencies, and calms passion. It boosts the aura, giving protection, and promotes self-esteem and skills in decision-making, public speaking, and negotiation. This helps you to cope with responsibility, dispelling nervousness, tension, and oversensitivity. It supports emotional energy and aids emotional and mental balance, easing insomnia, while feelings such as grief and homesickness can also be relieved. Amethyst connects to Reiki and helps spirituality, spirit contact, purification for ceremonies, and meditation. It promotes flow and moving forward in life, making changes, business success, and the acquisition of wealth. It also magnifies the energy of the other crystals and heals the cause of dis-ease.

Physical Benefits: Good for the circulation, heart, and immune system, treating blood clots, and fighting bacterial and viral infections and cancer. It’s also good for the stomach, liver, hormones, pineal, pituitary, and endocrine glands, skin, bones, and teeth, hearing and balance, posture, and sympathetic nervous system (the fight or flight response). Aids detoxing, improves posture, and helps headaches and migraines, acne, asthma, and ME (myalgic encephalitis). Drinking an amethyst elixir can help arthritis.

Stone Measure: 1" Approximately.

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