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The 24 Mountains compass is another important analysis that compromises the luck of the 12 zodiac signs. This year,  the chart shows 5 Big Auspicious and 4 Small Auspicious. This is extraordinarily promising, indicating there will be many opportunities to make money, but it is vital to activate the stars to take advantage of this incredible luck. The chart below indicates these important stars' locations and others prominent as well.  




The Big Auspicious Stars bring the kind of luck that is a life-changer, bring windfalls of luck, and cosmic abundance that can enhance your life significantly. It also signifies the big break you were looking for.

The Small Auspicious Stars bring you the small success that builds the big win, making life smooth.

The Golden Deity brings celestial support to help you get things in the right way. There is no chance of misfortune when you are blessed by this star. It brings mentors and benefactors your way and makes you meet with people that can open doors to new opportunities in a big way.

The Heavenly Seal Star is the kind of luck that comes without seeking it. Blessed signs can have better instincts and can trust their own judgments.

The Ying House is a reducing energy star, brings feelings of depression, lack of motivation is about stale energy that, if accumulated over time and not balanced, can attract sickness, robbery, and even death! This type of energy needs to be fixed to avoid things going down the spiral.

The Natural Disaster Star brings misfortune that si out of your control, called "natural disasters," e.g., earthquakes, floods, travel accidents, the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.