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 Feng Shui RABBIT 2023

 The RABBIT is the ruling sign of the year, indicating you have the powerful backing of the Tai Sui. This is sure to help you in a year that may not always be smooth sailing. Take good care of your health and remedy the Illness Star in your sector with appropriate cures. Your secret ingredient will be your excellent skills at diplomacy. Tap the friends you’ve made over the years and strengthen your network of allies. Don’t be averse to asking for help when you need it. You will find assistance most forthcoming – you just need to proactively seek it out!

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(1927 / 1939 / 1951 / 1963 / 1975 / 1987 / 1999 / 2011)

There is good fortune for Rabbits this year, and a lot of gains to be had if you do your work well. You have the support of many auspicious stars that bring you exposure and attention- worthwhile if there is something you can offer. You have support from people in higher positions who will help you move forward in career and expand your overall influence. There are financial gains and rewards such as bonuses, pay raises, increased profits. If you already have investment assets, you could see it increase in value this year. If you manage a team or are in some sort of leadership position, there will be support for that this year with the General Star, you can find sincere and hardworking team members. Students and scholars are graced with the Intelligence star and Academy star, benefitting skills, abilities and problem-solving.
There may be some unexpected expenses; so it is advisable to keep your finances and spending organized and well-managed to avoid spending unnecessarily. According to your Feng Shui forecast, Rabbits aged 24, 48, 60, or 84 years old have favorable element wealth luck. This means you're financially secure and can take advantage of possibilities to grow your wealth. Rabbits aged 12 and 72 years old have neutral wealth luck. This means that while your financial condition could improve, you are not at risk of running into financial difficulties. Rabbits who are 36 and 96 years old should handle their money extremely carefully since they have weak wealth indicators. Maintaining a positive cash flow is critical for avoiding a cash flow crisis. Stay away from gambling. Greed might lead to poverty. Don't put all your money into one stock or one type of investment, as it would be foolish.

Romance is not in your favor this year. You may experience very passionate yet brief affairs, meet special people at social events, but it does not go far. There is some influences that bring high emotions as well as conflict when it comes to family members, you may be butting heads with them quite a bit this year.

Keep an eye on your food and drink intake as there could be potential food poisoning, digestive issues or disorders. Stay mindful of your health, particularly bone, dental and nervous system. You might experience busier times this year, and with the Sword Edge star, there can be increased mental health issues such as stress or depression, so it is advisable to implement a healthy, stable routine to keep your mind-body-spirit balanced and in good health. You can implement practices such as meditation, breath work, tai chi. Even a hobby such as painting, gardening or sports can be a meditative practice. Rabbits of 36, 48, and 96 years of age all have optimal health, while the health status of both the 24-year-old and the 84-year-old is average. The Health luck of the 12, 60, and 72-year-old Rabbits is poor, so take care of yourself and know your boundaries. Beware of food poisoning. Get checked out if you're not feeling well. Never put off taking care of your health until it's too late. Stay away from those who may have contagious diseases. Do not take your health for granted.

CAREER & EDUCATION12 years old - 2023 won't be easy sailing. You have the capacity to spot possibilities that others pass over and capitalize on them. The Joyous Windhorse can help you. 24 years old - Job seekers shouldn't have any trouble getting some attractive offers. However, you occasionally procrastinate, which can result in you missing out on opportunities. 36 years old - This year, the Rabbit is at the top of its game in terms of popularity, admiration, and acceptance. You're prepared to take on more difficult tasks. The best course of action for 2023 is to strengthen your alliances. Gaining the correct contacts will help you succeed greatly. Build on your abilities, sharpen your skills, and get ready for the future this year, but exercise caution when it comes to money problems. Don't try to make quick money out of greed. 48 years old - You might not receive as much external recognition for your work as you'd want. Although you get a lot of energy from other people's approval, this is the year in which you must master the art of self-motivation. When you reach the point where you no longer care what other people think of you, that will be a major turning point. 60 years old - 2023 will be a year of major lifestyle changes, so be prepared. These may not seem like improvements at first, but with the right attitude, they can be. Many of you will experience another significant life-turning point this year. Don't make snap decisions. Think carefully before selecting a path you wish to proceed. 72 years old - Your health is an area in which you should exercise caution. Never take your health for granted, especially at your age. Take danger indicators carefully because 2023 will bring health issues even though you are a tough person. Visit the doctor as soon as possible, if necessary. 84 years old - Set up your life such that it is as stress-free as possible. Spend time with the people you enjoy, and stay away from those who disturb your peace of mind. There's no room in your inner circle for anybody who consistently brings you down. Instead, spend time with your loved ones and enjoy your grandchildren. Carry the Health Vibrations Mirror with you.  

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