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Welcome to Unique Feng Shui™, where we have proudly provided authentic Feng Shui products and services since 2001.


Important Notice:

Etsy is improperly using our brand name, "Unique Feng Shui™" on the website, giving a false impression that we sell on their platform. We have no affiliation with Etsy. This misleading practice creates confusion among consumers searching for our authentic products.

To clarify; our genuine products, exceptional prices, and outstanding service are only available through our official store:



Consumer Trust: At Unique Feng Shui™, we prioritize transparency and integrity in every aspect of our business. It has come to our attention that Etsy is falsely associating our trusted brand with their platform, causing confusion among consumers searching for our genuine products. By documenting and addressing this issue publicly, we aim to uphold the trust and confidence our customers place in us.

We believe in clear communication and ethical business practices. By demonstrating our proactive stance against the misuse of our trademark, we are committed to safeguarding our brand's reputation and ensuring that our customers can confidently identify and purchase our authentic products from authorized channels.

Thank you for supporting us in our commitment to integrity and authenticity.