feng shui amulets Wisdom Pagoda With Scholastic Talisman

Wisdom Pagoda With Scholastic Talisman

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Carry this amulet for excellence in education. The Wisdom Pagoda boosts education luck and ushers in great success in exams. It gives one the energy and motivation to stay disciplined, encourages creative thought, enhances mental agility and expands one’s mind, so that new information is easy to understand and absorb. This pagoda is further fortified with the Scholastic Talisman. Students at all levels, individuals looking to enhance their professional qualifications, and anyone involved in Research fields, can carry this Wisdom Pagoda to maximize their learning capacity and to help them achieve their goals, whether they are aiming for top grades in exams, a graduation with High Honors, or a research breakthrough of some kind.

Metal charm measure 4.5" L