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Feng Shui Rabbit 2023 Forecast


(1927 / 1939 / 1951 / 1963 / 1975 / 1987 / 1999 / 2011)


There is good fortune for Rabbits this year, and a lot of gains to be had if you do your work well. You have the support of many auspicious stars that bring you exposure and attention- worthwhile if there is something you can offer. You have support from people in higher positions who will help you move forward in career and expand your overall influence. There are financial gains and rewards such as bonuses, pay raises, increased profits. If you already have investment assets, you could see it increase in value this year. If you manage a team or are in some sort of leadership position, there will be support for that this year with the General Star, you can find sincere and hardworking team members. Students and scholars are graced with the Intelligence star and Academy star, benefitting skills, abilities and problem-solving.
There may be some unexpected expenses; so it is advisable to keep your finances and spending organized and well-managed to avoid spending unnecessarily.

Romance is not in your favor this year. You may experience very passionate yet brief affairs, meet special people at social events, but it does not go far.
There is some influences that bring high emotions as well as conflict when it comes to family members, you may be butting heads with them quite a bit this year.

Keep an eye on your food and drink intake as there could be potential food poisoning, digestive issues or disorders. Stay mindful of your health, particularly bone, dental and nervous system. You might experience busier times this year, and with the Sword Edge star, there can be increased mental health issues such as stress or depression, so it is advisable to implement a healthy, stable routine to keep your mind-body-spirit balanced and in good health. You can implement practices such as meditation, breath work, tai chi. Even a hobby such as painting, gardening or sports can be a meditative practice.