Feng Shui Cures 2023

Celestial Guardians Stand

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Place the Three Guardian plaque in the West just before the start of 2023.. The Three Celestial Guardians are the best cure for the 3 Killings or Triple Conflicts. The Three Killings makes its appearance in the WEST sector of your house in 2023 bringing three types of severe misfortune associated with loss or destruction of good fortune. This affliction also brings loss of good reputation loss of wealth or loss of a loved one. Houses facing WEST and those who born in the year of Monkey, Rooster and Dog are directly compromised under this influence.  The three Guardians is a cure created to dissolve the energy of the Three Killings. It comprises of a Chi Lin, a Fu Dog and a Pi Yao. The Chi Lin protects against loss of relationships, the Fu Dog protects against accidents, and the Pi Yao protects against loss of wealth. Given the destructive influence of this astrological affliction, it is imperative that you protect your family by placing the 3 Celestial Guardians in the sector mentioned.

Metal Stand  measure 5" H.