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Big Auspicious Handbag Charm- Inviting Recognition & Achievement

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"Big Auspicious Handbag Charm": A powerful talisman designed to attract not only good fortune energies but also "Big Auspicious" luck into your life!  Carry or clip this exquisite charm onto your bag, and experience the remarkable energies it brings. Featuring the traditional Chinese Lions or Tzi Chi, this charm holds deep symbolism and is traditionally used to commemorate important occasions, such as the launch of a new shop or business. The Chinese Lions symbolize joy, celebration, and the arrival of blessings from the heavens. They dispel any negative energies that may arise, ensuring a harmonious and auspicious environment around you. These majestic creatures represent being recognized on the "Honor Roll" of life, inviting recognition and achievement. Our handbag charm also features the Chinese proverb "Tai Kat Tai Lei," meaning "Abundance of fortune coming in a big way." This proverb encapsulates the essence of attracting immense prosperity and abundance into your life.  By carrying this charm, you invite the energies of celebration, joy, and abundance to accompany you on your journey. It acts as a magnet, drawing favorable energies and opportunities your way while warding off any negativity that may hinder your progress.

Metal charm measure 4.5" L