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OX 2023

 Feng Shui OX 2023

The OX enjoys luck from the heavens in 2023, so listen out for signs from the Universe! This is a year when you can trust your instincts. Do not react too quickly to anything; give your inner intuitions a chance to talk to you. You have both Small & Big Auspicious luck mapping out a clear pathway towards success for you, whatever it is you choose to pursue. A year when it is best not to be overly impulsive. Step-by-step will get you exactly where you need to be. You benefit however from the Lunar Constellations, which can help you get your timing right.


(1925 / 1937 / 1949 / 1961 / 1973 / 1985 / 1997 / 2009)

Avoid high-risk investments and beware of scams, frauds, theft, any illegal or risky endeavors. Carelessness could cause some monetary loss. Keep your greed in check and practice moderation in your spending. You might not find a lot of work opportunities and could experience stress as a result. You might be presented with new responsibilities, that will feel like a heavy weight on your shoulders, but this could be the key to a breakthrough in your career and get you out of that rut. Be open to changes and advice from others. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Turn crisis into opportunity. Positive attitude and being proactive will be worthwhile. Ox aged 14, 38, 50, 74, or 98 have good element wealth luck, indicating financial stability and the capacity to capitalize on possibilities to expand their fortune. The 62-year-old Ox's neutral wealth luck suggests that, while your financial status could be better, you are not at risk of running into financial difficulties. Ox aged 26 and 86 wealth luck is less encouraging, therefore avoiding financial risks. Reduce wasteful spending and stick to your budget. Be careful not to lose money to scams. Make sure your primary source of revenue is steady.

Not the best year for romance. You could be meeting someone new, but chances are they are not good for you as they may want to take advantage of you. Males might experience times of jealousy that could lead to physical confrontations. Females should be wary of being cheated on.
For Oxen who are already in relationships, it could be a good year to strengthen your bond and achieve milestones.
Socially, you might experience some naysayers speaking ill about you behind your back, don’t mind them and focus on yourself.
Keep good relations with your family and friends, they will prove to be good support system if you ever feel lonely, unwanted or isolated this year. It is advised to be careful of your sharp tongue or any comments you make that could hurt someone’s feelings.  
You may make long-term connections and friends this year if you give them a chance.
It will be wise to not attend any funerals this year if possible, as you are vulnerable to the negative energies affecting your wellbeing.

Oxen should practice excellent diet & health routines to avoid falling ill this year. You may be prone to bodily injuries or scars; this could bring about minor surgeries. Avoid dangerous activities or places with unleveled or complicated terrains such as forests, as you will be more vulnerable to injuries, diseases and hidden dangers.
It is a year of just staying put and calm, perhaps you can hone your skills or start a new hobby- that isn’t physical- that will keep you busy, entertained and your mental health in check. Self-development seems to be the theme this year for Ox. The health luck of the Ox, who are 14, 26, 74, and 86 years old, is good. The 62-year-olds have neutral readings. Th38, 50, and 98-year-old Ox must exercise more caution as your health rating is bad. Make an appointment with a doctor if something seems off or you aren't feeling well. Better to be safe than sorry. Strive to keep your life balanced and healthy. Never overwork. Don't forget to relax and rejuvenate.

CAREER & EDUCATION :  26 years old - This is not the year to take chances, especially on the job; keep your day job. If you want to strike out on your own, do so another year. For the time being, follow your passions in your leisure time while keeping a stable career that pays the bills.  38 years old - 2023 seems to be another prosperous year for you. Your elemental luck is particularly potent this year, so you may expect to continue making choices and live by your terms. Don't let minor roadblocks lead you to deviate from your intended path. Getting swayed by the wrong kind of people is a real possibility.  50 years old - Another year to relax. Although your career is progressing without major hiccups, your workaholic tendencies could still show. This is not a terrible thing, but it might result in burnout this year.  62 years old - This year, element luck does not greatly increase your success. Therefore you must create the energy to pursue your objectives. Most of the time, your daily life will be average.  74 years old - You have tremendous sway in any endeavor you do, whether you are currently working or have retired from the corporate world. In 2019, you may start to consider your long-term impact on the world, but don't let that desire to leave a lasting mark cause you to make hasty decisions.  

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