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100 Birds Tree to Attract Good Opportunities and Business Luck

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This exquisite tree is not only a symbol of prosperity but also an aesthetically pleasing addition to any space. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each bird represents a specific aspect of life, carrying its own unique energy and purpose.

The 100 Birds Tree is an excellent feng shui object to attract good opportunities and magnifies business luck. In Feng Shui, birds bring opportunities from the cosmic constellations, good news and omens of happiness and prosperity. Also good for the west sector of your home to bloom a project.

  • White birds bring purity, peace and healing messages.
  • Green birds spur growth energy and success.
  • Yellow birds attract opportunities to increase income and wealth.
  • Blue birds offer wish-granting luck and protect against negative energies
  • Red birds bring authority luck and news of happy occasions such as marriages and births.
  • Pink birds attract romance and love luck.
  • Purple birds stimulate and increase good fortune and abundance!

Metal tree measure 7" H