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Red Elephant Anti-Conflict on Money Matters

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Carry this charm as an Anti-conflict amulet. This red elephant with a trunk down and a treasure vase on its back attracts peace and prosperity, as well as riches and goodies of all kinds. The side hanging is embellished with the Wealth Amulet to attract prosperity luck, and the Anti-Conflict Amulet to ensure there are never any arguments caused by money matters. In Chinese, the saying “Tai Ping You Xiang”, which sounds like Vase and Elephant, also sounds like “Peace” and “Signs”, so to the Chinese, when an elephant carries a treasure vase, it carries the meaning “When there is peace, good things will come.” Clip this elephant to your keys or bag to enhance the two kinds of luck needed for long-lasting wealth, happiness and prosperity. The perfect remedy for the #3 Conflict Star and a wonderful wealth enhancer to unlock the hidden riches of the year.

Metal charm measure 4'5"H

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