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Feng Shui DRAGON 2023

While the DRAGON has the argument #3 star in its sector, you are such a charmer you can talk your way out of anything! A year when making friends works better than making enemies, so in any kind of conflict, look for the diplomatic way out! What you have going for you are Small & Big Auspicious, which bring windfalls your way. A year when big breaks & bonanzas can manifest, so be on the lookout for opportunities. Beware of getting entangled in legalities, as the #3 star indicates danger here.



(1928 / 1940 / 1952 / 1964 / 1976 / 1988 / 2000 / 2012)

It is important that Dragons avoid overspending or spending unnecessarily as this could bring you financial pressure. It is a good idea to learn ways of saving money here and there, and keeping track of your expenses. In saving that extra money it will be helpful in cases of unexpected expenses coming up. It is not a good time to make financial investments, if you have no choice, it would be wise to consult professional opinions.
In terms of career, there is positive support for career progression, social networking and new opportunities. You might find abundance through helping and serving others. There could also be possibility of travel- business trips, studying abroad. And there is influence of changing job or career, so if this is something you are wanting, luck is on your side. If you have ambitions or goals, stay disciplined and take action steps to follow-through, as there is a tendency to dream big without taking any action. 47-year-olds have bad luck with money. This is not the year to attempt any get-rich-quick schemes or to take any financial risks. A year to practice financial restraint. Your personal financial strategy for the year may be disturbed by unforeseen and unavoidable costs that arise. The 23-year-old and 83-year-old Dragons' neutral wealth luck suggests that, although your financial status may improve, you are not at risk of financial difficulties. 11, 35, 59, and 71-year-olds have strong wealth luck. Therefore, you'd be wise to concentrate more on generating income. Plan your investments, growth, and diversification. 

For Dragons in already existing relationships, things will continue to go steady if you put in the dedication. For single Dragons, you might be experiencing some lonely, solitary times this year, there could be some unpleasant interactions or feelings, being easily offended or triggered. Beware of depending too much on others as they might let you down. You must really put in the work to find romance this year. It is important you prioritize your own health & well-being first, as good things will follow when you do.
Relationships with family members will need some extra care and attention this year as the lack of could bring some troubles or resentment.

It is important for Dragons to take extra care of their physical and mental health this year and be very disciplined. You might experience some burnout or exhaustion from work. There can be some minor ailments, so be mindful of your nutrition, and incorporate some regular, gentle physical activity so you support the flow and circulation in your body. Staying disciplined will keep you from being swallowed by the unfavorable influence this year in regards to health. Dragons aged 11, 59, and 71 are all on good health luck level. The 47-year-olds have an average health rating. In 2023, Dragons who are 23, 35, or 83 years old will need to take extra care to avoid health problems. Your poor health rating shows that you need to exercise extra caution. Take care of yourself, and don't take your health for granted. Check your health if you have any concerns. Don't try to accomplish too much at once, and give yourself time to recharge. Avoid taking on too many obligations since your luck with your health is poor. If you haven't had a comprehensive medical checkup lately, schedule one now.

CAREER & EDUCATION: 11 years old - The year ahead looks amazing, with some significant accomplishments and milestones. You should actively offer chances for this Dragon to explore his or her hobbies and abilities as a parent. Carry the Wisdom Pagoda With Scholastic Talisman, Lucky Fu Dog 'Always Smart' Amulet or Wisdom Pagoda Gold Talisman Card and place a Manjushri Plaque in your study. 23 year old - 2023 will be a mixed year for you. Concentrate your efforts on honing your abilities and building a solid basis for the future. 35 years old - Focusing on one or two ideas instead than attempting to achieve too much can result in far better results. A year when you may embark on brand-new endeavours and take radical new turns. Avoid overdoing it since your body may not be as healthy as your mind. 47 years old - Although you are capable of being a conscientious worker, you are more at ease acting as a dealmaker since you are a natural risk taker. Save your resources and avoid staking everything on a whim. 59 years old - This Dragon is having a great year. You have the opportunity to make significant forward progress and experience exceptional luck. With powerful individuals looking out for you, you may anticipate receiving fantastic possibilities. 71 years old - Overall, this has been a fortunate year. You are free to select the lifestyle that you want to lead. Stay at home, go on vacation, become more involved in social work, or even keep working. You remain youthful by being busy.


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