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SNAKE 2023

 Feng Shui SNAKE 2023

Another awesome year awaits the SNAKE! Your element luck brings exciting opportunities your way. You are also blessed with the passion and energy to turn all your aspirations into reality. With not one but 3 Auspicious Stars, all you need is the courage to chase those dreams. Activate abundant good fortune with the Trio of Lions to not let those big breaks get away! The only blemish is the Quarrelsome Star in your sector. If you can avoid getting embroiled in conflict situations, the world is your oyster!



(1929 / 1941 / 1953 / 1965 / 1977 / 1989 / 2001 / 2013)

Snakes should practice strict management over their finances this year to avoid spending unnecessarily or impulsively. It is not a good year for volatile investments such as stocks or cryptocurrencies, nor any impulse high-risk investment. Practice careful consideration for important decisions you make, as there is a tendency for recklessness and impatience and the impulsive action that results from it. You have the influence of Sky Horse star this year, which brings the opportunity for travel and movement- this could be literal travel such as business trips abroad or to another state. There are gains from crossing lines or borders, so this could also be bringing gains from doing international business, online business, or with other industries. It is a good influence for expansion and growth. You also have the Heavenly Yi, which brings you the right people and right help, assisting you to success. You could be hiring, befriending or partnering up with helpful people. It also attracts mentors and noble people. Be sure to make good use of these new relationships to not miss out on opportunities.
There might be some sudden expenses from broken items- car, fridge, AC, mobile phone, leaking roof. Minor hiccups and annoyances. Snakes aged 22 and 82 have neutral money luck. This suggests that you are not in imminent danger of financial difficulty, yet your financial situation may improve. 46-year-old rabbits should be very cautious with their finances because of their low wealth indicators. In the world of finance, caution is warranted to ensure that you don't lose money or fall victim to fraud. This is not the year to go crazy on luxury items or spending. The potential for financial ruin exists. 

For single Snakes, this is a great year to get into a new relationship so long as you are proactive and willing. The results depend on your effort and initiative. All in all there is good support for romance and social life this year for Snake, there is a lot of new connections to be made. Be sure to maintain a good balance and put in the work.

It is good to practice prevention this year- so eat healthy and get some regular, gentle exercise. Go in for your check-ups and health examinations to keep a look out for any hidden imbalances, especially in the liver, gallbladder, stomach and respiratory system. There are some stars bringing accident-prone influences, so it is advisable to avoid any rigorous exercise, extreme sports or activities. Be patient, attentive, vigilant and take your time. Avoid being in a rush. It is an accident-prone year. You may have elder relatives that will require support and attention this year, there are high chances of illnesses or injuries harming your elderly relative. Possibility of losing a family member.  Snakes aged 10, 58, and 70 are all in good health luck category, while the 46-year-old have average health ratings. The Health luck of the 22, 34, 82, and 94-year-old Snake is poor, so take care of yourself and know your limits. Don't ignore any symptoms, no matter how mild. Seek medical assistance if you are feeling ill so that it does not worsen into a larger health problem. Exercise often.

CAREER & EDUCATION:  10 years old - 2023 is a period when you can do pretty much whatever you desire. The parents of a Snake kid should always encourage their youngster to explore new interests and activities. In 2023, even a moderate amount of success may blossom into something really remarkable with the appropriate set of conditions. Carry the Wisdom Pagoda With Scholastic Talisman or Smart Vibrations Mirror. 22 years old - Focus on creating solid foundations since you are a young Snake just starting out in life. Continue to seize any chance that comes your way to develop your abilities. Strive for greatness, and don't hold yourself back. The Sky Salamander Lunar Constellation Animal is advantageous to this Snake. 34 years old - You're giving the future a lot more thought this year. Those looking to advance in their careers may do well this year. You can afford to make risky decisions while starting your own firm or even entirely shift course if this is something you've been considering. 46 years old - This is the year to focus on achieving objectives that you may have once aspired to but may have neglected or forgotten about over time. This is a great time to focus on the things that are really important to you. The Sky Dog is advantageous to this Snake. 58 years old - This year, everything will go according to plan, so take advantage of it and begin to carefully consider your happiness. You may launch new businesses and even take some risks. When pursuing business and financial initiatives you are enthusiastic about, you may be as bold as you desire. 70 years old - This is the year when you have complete freedom to pick your activities. Some of you may feel the need to indulge your curiosity and make some leisure trips. You may either continue to expand your current company or go after any unfulfilled aspirations that may still be latent inside of you. 82 years old - Strive towards a more relaxed pace of living. Maintain a relaxed schedule and stay away from those who make you feel anxious. If you are still running a firm, this year would be a good time to think about scaling down and passing the torch to the next generation, but you can still make a significant contribution in an advising capacity.  

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