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Nine Royal Blue Dragons Wealth and Good Luck

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The year 2024 marks the commencement of the new Period of 9. The fact that this new period commences in a Dragon Year is a highly auspicious sign. To usher in enduring good fortune, consider this plaque adorned with 9 Dragons, harnessing the incredible power of the number 9.

Set against a regal blue background, signifying Water energy, it acts as a harmonizing element to counterbalance the Fire energy of the new period. Water is not only absent from the 2024 chart but also represents wealth for the year.

Position this plaque in the Southwest to activate the #9 star, the new Star of Current Prosperity, and the star of amplified good fortune. By doing so, you can attract and secure new and long-lasting wealth in the year ahead.

Metal plaque measure 9.5" L