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Traditional Wealth Lock Coin: Safeguarding Your Prosperity

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"Traditional Wealth Lock Coin: Safeguarding Your Prosperity

This Wealth Lock Coin serves as a protective talisman to secure one's wealth and assets. Particularly crucial during periods of economic volatility, when influenced by loss stars in one's astrological chart, or amid significant energy transitions such as the shift from Period 8 to Period 9, preserving one's existing wealth becomes paramount.

Featuring the potent Dakini Amulet on one side, this lock coin acts as a guardian for wealth and assets. On the reverse side, auspicious Chinese calligraphy, 'Ji Yu Pui Jin' (Accumulation of Jade and Gold) and 'Jin Yi Liang' (Ounce of Gold), further enhances its protective properties. Simply clip this Wealth Lock Coin onto your bag to ensure the safety of your wealth and assets."

Wealth coin measure 3.5" L