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To harness the growth and prosperity energies of the year, this beautiful product is a must-have Feng Shui enhancer. This Tree embellished with various lucky charms and good fortune symbols is said to attract all kinds of wealth - wealth that brings power, happiness, victory and very importantly, that can last.  Hanging on the branches of the tree are the Mystic Knot, Money Bag, Lock Coin, Clover, Horseshoe, Pear Charm, Pot of Gold, Mandarin Oranges and Wish-fulfilling Jewel. Collectively, in Feng Shui, these symbols is believed to bring everlasting success, growth and preservation of wealth, asset accumulation, good luck, hope, big fortune, big auspiciousness, and wishes coming true.  Carry the Activating Prosperity Tree Amulet to attract abundance luck for the family.  

Metal charm measure 3.5" L

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