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Three Celestial Guardians for DESK in 2024

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Defend Against the Three Killings in 2024- Display this protection on your desk if you are working in the South sector.

The Three Killings, known as "sarmsaat," can bring three types of misfortune and is a critical affliction to address as we step into a new year. In 2024, the Three Killings loom over the South sector, which also harbors the Loss Star #7. As the Direct Spirit of the inaugural year in the new Period of 9, South holds immense importance, making it imperative to control this affliction. To combat the Three Killings, we enlist the aid of the three celestial guardians - the Pi Xie, Chi Lin, and Pi Yao. These protectors not only bring blessings but also safeguard against three types of loss: the loss of wealth, loss of reputation, and the loss of loved ones.  In addition, the Chakra Protection Wheel, designed for desktop use, acts as a fortress against harm of all kinds, especially harm that arises from circumstances beyond your control, such as market crashes, failed investments, deceit or scams, force majeure events, and natural disasters.

Metal figure measure 7" H x 4" W.