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TIGER 2023

 Feng Shui TIGER 2023

 The TIGER does well in 2023 by staying consistent and valuing your own worth. You have the Heaven Seal helping you, which causes things to fall nicely into place if you will let them. Success may not come as quickly as you’d like but stay the course and you will triumph in the end. Don’t compromise your principles for anything. When you are sure what you want and true to your own self, results will follow. You are King of the Jungle, and as long as you don’t forget it, the year holds plenty of goodies in store! Friendships play a big part this year, so mix with pals who bring out the best in you.



(1926 / 1938 / 1950 / 1962 / 1974 / 1986 / 1998 / 2010)

It is important for Tigers to stay alert this year to avoid missing out on opportunities to make money and advance their careers. Manage your finances wisely. You might not be meeting all of your expectations, but don’t feel down about this. You will also want to stay alert for those close to you in your personal or professional circle, there’s an influence of being taken advantage of; do not blindly trust anyone. You could see some increased competition at work. There is possibility of increased travel, whether it is business trips or commutes. Tigers 25, 49, 61, or 85 years old have favorable element wealth luck, which denotes their financial stability and capability for seizing financial possibilities. Tigers aged 13 and 73 have average wealth luck. Tigers aged 37 and 97 should be wary of gambling with their own money, as their poor wealth luck forecast indicates losses could be substantial. Just be cautious. Avoid giving up everything to invest in a promising venture. Spend only on needs and stick to a sensible budget. People in business need to be on the lookout for other people plotting to steal their success. Don't put yourself in the position of a guarantor. 

You could be meeting and mingling with new people who share similar interests as you. However, you may not be getting into any serious relationships this year. The focus is all about your emotional stability, health and wellbeing.

It would be good to get all your health check-ups in. This year you could be prone to gastrointestinal issues, respiratory infections, skin injuries or lesions, muscle strains. Be mindful of your diet, ask your physician about how you can detox, and incorporate some regular physical activity to keep your health balanced. You have luck and support when it comes to finding a skilled medical practitioner with the Heavenly Doctor star, this could also support any medical procedures or treatments you might need to have done. Mentally, you might feel a bit forgetful this year when it comes to small details, dates or information. Be sure to write down important information to avoid having this become a problem. Tigers who are 37, 49, and 97 years old have good health luck. The 25 and 85-year-olds have neutral readings. Tigers aged 13, 61, and 73 may need to be warier of health in 2023. You should take better care of yourself because your Health luck is not particularly strong. Check yourself out if you feel sick. Your body will get easily exhausted and cause unneeded worry. Observe what you eat.

CARRER & EDUCTAION:  13 years old - You have a clear idea of what it is you want, and you know how to get it. There is absolutely no need for excessive parenting if a child is motivated and action-oriented. To be more understanding of others, you only need periodic reminders. Carry the Wisdom Pagoda With Scholastic TalismanLucky Fu Dog 'Always Smart' Amulet or Wisdom Pagoda Gold Talisman Card and place a Manjushri Plaque in your study.  25 years old - Those with entrepreneurial tendencies should pursue your ideas. But keep in mind that you are afflicted by this year's #7 loss star, so don't take on too much risk; only make enough just to start your goals. The road to major achievement will be longer, but it is unquestionably in sight.  37 years old - Because your Success luck isn't very strong, you need the Joyous Windhorse to make the most of this year's blessing. Your inclination to become stressed up when things get heated is a weakness. Learn to unwind a bit!  49 years old - All signs lead to a year in which you can make courageous judgments. There is no need to consult too many people before acting because you are your own best advisor.  61 years old - This year, strategic partnerships are really important, so keep an eye out for people you can collaborate with. When something interests you, you might become a workaholic, but be cautious of burnout. Your energy levels are not as high as they usually are.  73 years old - You have nothing to prove at your age. You are in good financial shape, so concentrate on the important things and stop worrying about minor things. You should display the Healing Herbs and Longevity Wu Lou in the NE to protect your health. 


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