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Place the Joyous Windhorse with Wish-Fulfilling Balloons anywhere in your home or work desk to bring fabulous success energy and victory luck to the everyone in the household. The balloons come with wish fulfilling mantras, in three colors - blue for friends, green for intelligence and red for wealth. According to Feng Shui, your Success Luck or Lung Ta is dictated by your annual Windhorse reading, which varies from year to year and for people with different animal signs. When your Windhorse luck is strong, success comes easily. When it's weak, unexpected bad luck can strike any time and you find it impossible achieve anything no matter how hard you work for it. In 2023, the Tiger, Horse and Dog (very bad), Rabbit, Sheep and Boar (bad), and Rat, Dragon and Monkey (neutral) will need the Windhorse symbol. As for the rest of the Chinese Zodiac signs (Ox, Snake and Rooster), you can also display this to further bolster your good success luck.  The Joyous Windhorse can also be placed in the sector where the #1 Victory Star resides.

Metal figure measure 6" H

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