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Feng Shui Supremacy of Heaven Energy Plate

Feng Shui Supremacy of Heaven Energy Plate

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This unique piece is also suitable to tackle the harmful afflictions of the misfortune star; it not only shields you against bad luck, but it also attracts an abundance of good fortune, benefiting all who fall under their influence, so it is an exceptional activator to invite into your space.

This Supremacy of Heaven Energy Wheel features six auspicious Feng Shui celestial guardians - the Dragon Tortoise, Pi Yao, Chi Lin (Dragon Horse), Heavenly Ox, Windhorse and Celestial Deer. They represent pure heaven energy and each of them symbolizing a specific power and bringing their own different type of good fortune luck.

- The Dragon Tortoise offers support, stability and sustenance

- The Pi Yao attracts good luck and garners the support of Tai Sui God of the Year to your side

- The Chi Lin attracts Ho Tu luck and career luck, and dispels ignorance

- The Heavenly Ox epitomizes productivity, strength and persistence

- The Windhorse vanquishes competition and brings victory and success

- The Celestial Deer signifies happiness and good health and protects against sickness

Place the "Supremacy of Heaven Energy" Plate in the living room or centre of your home or office in 2022. This helps attract powerful benevolent Heavenly energy to control and neutralize the malevolent Earth energy of the #5 Misfortune Star which gets strengthened by the central Earth energy this year. This will dissolve all negative energies and bring in an abundance of good fortune.

It is also a great Feng Shui enhancer to activate the #6 Heaven Star, and an effective cure to transform harmful energy into beneficial one.

Metal plate  and bejeweled figures- 7" diam.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENT  Additional charge of $35.00 -  4 LB item