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Wu Lou With JOYOUS  CRANES keychain

Wu Lou With JOYOUS CRANES keychain

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This Wu Lou With Joyous Crane Keychain features a pair of Cranes, a Gingko Leaf charm and the powerful Anti-Illness talisman for health, well-being and longevity. In Feng Shui, the Wu Lou or Gourd of Immortality symbolizes protection against sickness while the Gingko and Cranes symbolize peace, longevity and long life. Carrying this Feng Shui amulet is said to safeguard you against contagious diseases and illness afflictions.

The #2 Illness Star holds a particular threat for the Sheep, Monkey and the matriarch in the year of the Tiger 2022, as well as for people who live, work or spend large amounts of time in the Southwest sector, of if your house is facing Southwest. Someone whose health luck is poor based on their elemental paht chee chart can also find a boost from carrying the Stay Healthy Amulet.

Available in 5 colors:

BLUE color attracts accumulation of asset wealth and Good Health.

GREEN color attracts new opportunities and GROWTH. Excellent for start-ups and new projects.

YELLOW color represents joyousness and power. It attracts Happiness and Wealth.

RED color represents celebration and vitality. It attracts good name, fame and Success.

Metal crafted charm measure 3" L