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RAT's 2024 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (North)

1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020

Monthly Feng Shui 2024 Forecast for Rat

The upcoming weeks are looking exceptionally favorable for the Rat, thanks to the auspicious arrival of the Heaven Star. This celestial influence removes obstacles and ensures smooth progress in various aspects of life. Coupled with the potent annual #8 star, Rats are set to achieve new heights of success and accomplishment. The previous month's Loss Star influence diminishes, bringing a significant improvement in relationships and encouraging a spirit of forgiveness and forward focus. This month could be a turning point for many Rats, with potential for significant breakthroughs. Opportunities for mentorship and attractive offers are likely to arise, so stay alert and dedicated to capitalize on these chances. It's an ideal time to embark on major projects or initiatives.

To enhance these positive Feng Shui influences, carry the Sacred Cow Resource amulet   and the Heaven Seal Talisman to help achieve ambitious goals. The Nobleman Gui Ren Talisman can attract influential mentors and supporters.

Career: A harmonious phase is expected in your career, with projects concluding satisfactorily and fostering a sense of achievement. This success breeds determination and opens doors to new opportunities, particularly under the influence of powerful Gui Ren luck. Display the Gui Ren Plaque and boost your windfall luck with the Windfall Luck Activator.

Relationships: The Rat's social life is energized by divine influences, making them a desirable companion. This is an auspicious time for single Rats seeking love and for those in relationships to deepen their bonds. Carry the Padlocks Of Love for added protection and harmony in your love life.

Education: For educational pursuits, young Rats are likely to find inspiration and guidance, making this a fruitful period for learning and personal development. Students and young adults should carry the Jade Emperor Keychain to enhance their academic luck and personal growth.

This month offers Rats the chance to clear past obstacles, focus on future goals, and build stronger relationships both personally and professionally.


OX's 2024 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (Northeast) 

1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021

Monthly Feng Shui 2024 Forecast for Ox

This month marks a remarkable turnaround for the Ox, as the Peach Blossom Star brings a wave of positivity to both relationships and work dynamics. Opportunities in networking and career advancement shine brightly, urging you to actively engage in these areas. The combined influence of the #4 and #6 stars forms the Sum-of-Ten, clearing obstacles and accelerating your path to success. It's a period for action, where fulfillment comes from being busy and productive.

To enhance your luck, consider wearing the Networking success bracelet or the Friendships & Networking keychain Inviting the Manjushri Plaque into your home can boost judgment and wisdom. Carrying the Sum-of-Ten Amulet further contributes to your success during this period.

Career: Expect a smooth and efficient period at work, with visibility and recognition likely. Showcase your talents and engage with superiors, as strong support and camaraderie await. Carry the Talent Amulet for added luck.

Business: Communication skills and swift project completion mark this phase for Oxen in business. Reinforce this luck by carrying the Completion Amulet to help ensure tasks are completed successfully.

Ventures aimed at expansion and new partnerships are set to thrive, so keep an open mind and explore new opportunities.

Relationships: The realm of love and relationships looks promising, with charm and ease in forming deep connections. For those seeking romance, the period is ripe for excitement and passion. Boost your love luck with the DZI 2 eyed Bead bracelet in Rose Quartz or Blue Tiger Eye. .

Education: Students and young Oxen will find this a productive time for academic pursuits, making it ideal for focusing on studies and related activities. Enhance your academic and exam luck with the Eagle Scholastic Amulet.

This month offers Oxen a golden opportunity to seize success in various aspects of life, from career advancements to deepening personal connections and academic achievements.


TIGER's 2024 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (Northeast) 

1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010

Monthly Feng Shui 2024 Forecast for Tiger

Tigers are in for a month of significant improvements, as the #4 Peach Blossom Star graces their path. This star brings an enchanting chi, enhancing communication skills and fostering new relationships and alliances. With the powerful Sum-of-Ten configuration at play, wealth luck is augmented, and plans are set to materialize quickly, minimizing obstacles. It's an opportune time for Tigers to set ambitious goals, with a high likelihood of achieving them. Students, in particular, will benefit from increased scholastic luck.

To maximize these auspicious energies, consider wearing the Three Allies Bracelet - Tiger, Horse & Dog to strengthen friendships and alliances. The Sum of Ten Amulet and the Eagle Scholastic Amulet are also beneficial, especially for those in academic pursuits.

Career: Expect smooth operations and an enhanced ability to handle work with ease. Showcase your capabilities, collaborate closely with superiors, and contribute proactively. Maintaining integrity and helping colleagues can amplify success. Infinity Luck Career Bracelet.

Business: The business landscape appears promising, with a free flow of creative ideas and opportunities for growth. Engage in brainstorming and negotiations, as this period is ripe for lucrative deals and exploring new paths. Display the Cardinal Connectivity Activator or Scholar With Eagle Mini Plaque in the Northeast.

Relationships: Tigers will find it easy to connect deeply with others in matters of love and relationships. For singles, this period could lead to meaningful romantic encounters. Boost your love luck with the DZI 2 eyed Bead bracelet in Rose Quartz or Blue Tiger Eye. .

Education: Students will find this a productive time for learning and discovering new interests. Enhance your academic and exam luck with the Eagle Scholastic Amulet .

This month presents Tigers with abundant opportunities for personal and professional growth, with the potential for significant achievements and deepened connections in various aspects of life.


RABBIT's 2024 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (East) 

1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011

Monthly Feng Shui 2024 Forecast for Rabbit

The Rabbit is poised for a prosperous period as the monthly #8 Star enhances wealth and success prospects. This is an ideal time for financial growth and career advancement, with plans likely to progress smoothly. Rabbits contemplating significant life changes, such as purchasing a home or career shifts, will find the energies favorable for initiating such moves. It's also a good time to engage in charitable activities to continue the flow of positive karma. To enhance wealth prospects, surround yourself with wealth enhancers like the Cash Flow Camels or Water Wave With Purple Pearl in the East and carry the Sacred Cow Resource amulet. The Cash Flow Camels Amulet Keychain is also recommended for asset luck.  

Career: Expect recognition and opportunities for advancement in the workplace. Showcase commitment and ambition, as the chances of being noticed and rewarded are high. The business arena looks flourishing, with strong decisions leading to healthy revenue streams and potential for risk-taking in new opportunities. Networking and collaborations are favored, and unconventional ideas should be given due consideration. Carry the Cash Flow Camel Amulet.

Relationships: The Rabbit’s amiable personality makes them particularly attractive in the realm of love and relationships, creating an environment conducive to romance. Deep connections are easily formed, and for those in committed relationships, this period brings happiness and harmony. Boost your love luck with Padlocks Of Love

Education: For students, the educational sector is favorable, with a positive environment for study and participation in activities. This is a good time for academic achievements and exploring diverse interests. Enhance your academic and exam luck with the Eagle Scholastic Amulet

This month holds abundant opportunities for Rabbits to thrive and succeed in various aspects of life, with wealth, career, and relationships all favorably influenced by auspicious energies.  Wear the Pixiu Lotus Bracelet or the Infinity Lucky Knot  to tap into this luck.


DRAGON's 2024 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (Southeast)

1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012

Monthly Feng Shui 2024 Forecast for Dragon

Dragons face a hectic period marked by the #9 Star, which speeds up the pace of life but could exacerbate the effects of the annual Illness Star. Opportunities for advancement in career and social status are plentiful, but this comes with the risk of exhaustion. It's crucial for Dragons to balance work, play, and rest to ensure success unfolds smoothly. This month's fortune aids in accelerating success, but moderation is key. Wear the calming 

To enhance luck, wear the Six Words Calming Bracelet to get things running smooth. Carrying the Period 9 Windhorse Amulet and The Lucky 9 Amulet will help Dragons stay on track, and carrying the Abundance Wu Lou Feng Shui Amulet Keychain is advised for good health. Make sure you have a Feng Shui Wu Lou or Abundance Wu Lou in the SE.

 Career: At work, Dragons' charisma and confidence inspire trust and admiration. This is an opportunity to tap into established relationships and demonstrate humility and teamwork. Avoid being overly pushy or impatient, as cooperation is essential for maximizing productivity. Business-wise, opportunities are abundant, so careful selection is crucial to avoid overextending. Strategic planning and public presence are important, as this is a favorable time for expanding business and investing confidently. 

 Relationships: In love and relationships, Dragons' popularity soars, attracting new connections. Singles have a high chance of finding someone special, while attached Dragons should focus on nurturing their relationships to avoid potential pitfalls. 

 This month offers Dragons a whirlwind of opportunities for growth and success, but it's essential to maintain balance and prioritize well-being amidst the fast-paced energy.


SNAKE's 2024 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (Southeast) 

1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013

Monthly Feng Shui 2024 Forecast for Snake

Snakes experience a dynamic month filled with fame and success, but they must be wary of heightened afflictions due to the #9 Star. This Magnification Star can intensify the effects of afflictive stars, increasing the risk of illness and safety concerns. Despite a whirlwind of activity and unexpected successes, it's crucial for Snakes to remain grounded and take care of their health. To harness the auspicious properties of the month, Snakes should consider the 9 Dragon Plaque In Royal Blue in the Southeast. Health and wellness should be a priority, with precautions against potential safety risks and a focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle to navigate this bustling period successfully. Carrying the the Abundance Wu Lou Amulet or wearing the Wu Lou Bracelet are also beneficial. Make sure you have a Wu Lou in the SE or night table.

Career: Professionally, Snakes are highly regarded, making this an opportune time for recognition and potential job offers. Remembering to credit team members and working cooperatively are key to capitalizing on this period's success. In business, the abundance of opportunities should be approached with a balance between ambition and practicality. Collaborations and strategic planning are favored, with potential for significant income and business growth. Hang the Harvest Door Hanger or Wealthy Door Hanger

This month, Snakes are poised for success and recognition, but it's essential to prioritize health and well-being amidst the fast-paced energy. Keeping a balance between ambition and self-care will ensure a prosperous and fulfilling month.


HORSE's 2024 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (South) 

1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014

Monthly Feng Shui 2024 Forecast for Horse

Horses face a challenging month as the Five Yellow star, amplified by its placement in the South, a Fire sector, raises difficulties. Combined with the annual #7 Loss Star, the upcoming month advises caution. It's best to postpone major decisions and focus on maintaining the status quo. Using Metal energy, like wearing the Double Dorje for Protection, can help mitigate negative effects. Avoiding excessive activity in the South sector is also recommended to preserve harmony in relationships. To counter the Five Yellow, display the White Umbrella Goddess Pagoda or 6 inch Emerald  Five Element Pagoda in the South and carry the White Umbrella Goddess Pagoda Amulet. The Sky Unicorn's energies can also help bolster resilience and foster positive outcomes. For health and wellness, managing stress levels and indulging in relaxing activities can help navigate the month's challenges more effectively.

Career: In the workplace, it's crucial to maintain a steady pace and avoid hasty decisions or overcommitments. Navigating office politics with care and avoiding personal discussions at work can help mitigate potential conflicts or misinterpretations. Attention to health and well-being is essential to prevent exhaustion and mistakes. Business-wise, a low-key approach is advisable. Rushed or risky ventures should be avoided, and it's not the best time for significant changes or new initiatives. Keeping a close watch on expenses and avoiding hasty decisions can help navigate this period more smoothly. Carry the Cash Flow Camel amulet keychain. 

This month, Horses are urged to proceed with caution and prioritize stability and well-being amidst challenging energies. By maintaining a steady pace and avoiding unnecessary risks, they can navigate through potential obstacles with resilience and grace. Consider wearing the Calming Infinity Knot bracelet. 


SHEEP's 2024 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (Southwest) 

1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015

Monthly Feng Shui 2024 Forecast for Sheep

Sheep enter a tumultuous month, with the #7 Star bringing potential for betrayal and deception. This challenging period calls for vigilance, especially in new or untested relationships. It's wise to be cautious about revealing personal information and to avoid risky financial or friendship ventures. To counter these influences, carrying the Elephant and Rhinoceros With Ksitigarbha Staff Amulet, and employing the Wealth Lock Amulet can help mitigate risks and losses. Display the Elephant and Rhinoceros With Ksitigarbha Staff or Door Guardians With Ksitigarbha Staff Plaque in the SW.

Career: At work, navigating an environment heightened with stress and office politics demands tact and resilience. Avoid impulsive reactions and focus on smoothing over conflicts. Apologizing and stepping back can be more beneficial than engaging in disputes. In business, a cautious approach is advised. It's a time for reassessment rather than rapid expansion or new investments. Maintaining a low profile in networking and trusting instincts when something feels off is crucial. 

Relationships: Romantic relationships may experience strain, with time constraints and existing seeds of distrust potentially leading to conflicts. Open communication and avoiding hasty judgments are essential for maintaining relationship harmony. Hang the Rhinoceros and Elephant Protection Amulet nearby to avoid betrayal and backstabbing.

Education: In educational pursuits, a competitive atmosphere might present challenges. Focusing on personal progress rather than comparisons with others can help maintain a healthy perspective and pride in one's efforts. Students should carry the Wisdom Pagoda Gold Talisman Card.

This month, Sheep are advised to proceed with caution and maintain a vigilant stance in all aspects of life. By being mindful of potential risks and employing protective measures, they can navigate through challenges with resilience and emerge stronger.


MONKEY's 2024 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (Southwest)

1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016

Monthly Feng Shui 2024 Forecast for Monkey

Monkeys face a month marked by the risk of betrayal due to the influence of the #7 Loss Star. It's advisable to be cautious in forming new relationships and to focus on self-care after a socially exhausting period. Minor losses should be taken in stride, and personal safety should be a priority. In business, it's not a favorable time for risky investments or raising stakes.

Protection and Mitigation: To stay protected, carrying the  Elephant and Rhinoceros With Ksitigarbha Staff Amulet, and the Cash Flow Camels Amulet Keychain is recommended. The Green Dragon Lunar amulet helps in timing important decisions and moves. For home and safety, prioritizing security measures against increased risks of robbery and fire is crucial. Reducing late-night socializing can also contribute to overall well-being during this period. Place the Door Guardians With Ksitigarbha Staff Plaque in the SW.

Career: In the professional realm, competition and office politics may intensify. Trusting oneself and avoiding over-reliance on others can prevent conflicts. Staying humble and refraining from boasting about achievements can help navigate this tricky period. In business, a conservative approach focusing on preservation rather than expansion is advisable. New deals, partnerships, and hiring should be approached with caution. Display the Victory Banner over Obstacles and Competition

Relationships: In personal relationships, understanding and patience are key. Avoiding minor conflicts and focusing on quality time can help maintain harmony. For those in a committed relationship. 

This month, Monkeys are urged to proceed with caution, especially in matters involving trust and relationships. By prioritizing self-care and taking proactive measures for protection, they can navigate through potential challenges with resilience and wisdom.


ROOSTER's 2024 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (West)

1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017

Monthly Feng Shui 2024 Forecast for Rooster

Roosters are set to encounter a challenging month marked by the #3 Quarrelsome Star, which may induce a more irritable and argumentative disposition. This influence can make small irritations seem larger and lead to misunderstandings, potentially escalating into bigger conflicts. To maintain harmony, it's important for Roosters to exercise patience, avoid confrontational situations, and be willing to forgive. Legal entanglements and problems with authorities are also possible, so it's crucial to be mindful of one's actions and words.

 Protection and Mitigation: To mitigate these adverse Feng Shui effects, wearing red can help exhaust the contentious energies, and carrying the 3 Harmony Animals Amulet can prevent conflict from affecting you. Hang the 3 Harmony Animals Amulet Door Hanger in your office and the Tibetan Double Dorje Phurba Tassel in your car.

Career: In the workplace, a cautious approach is recommended to avoid unnecessary disputes with colleagues. Admitting mistakes and apologizing can restore balance and smooth over tensions. Business activities might be fraught with legal complications, so careful attention to detail in paperwork and agreements is crucial. Delaying important decisions or meetings until a more favorable time is advisable.

 Relationships: In personal relationships, patience and understanding are key. For those in new relationships, a brief break might be beneficial to avoid straining the bond. For students, this period is best suited for solitary study. Avoiding too much reliance on others' opinions and focusing on self-directed learning can prevent misunderstandings and maintain academic progress. Keep a Wisdom Pagoda Gold Talisman Card in your wallet.

 This month, Roosters are urged to navigate through potential conflicts with patience and diplomacy. By maintaining a calm and composed demeanor, they can overcome challenges and foster harmony in both personal and professional relationships.


 DoG's 2024 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (Northwest)

 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018

Monthly Feng Shui 2024 Forecast for Dog

 Dogs may experience a slower pace this month, with energy levels dipping and a heightened susceptibility to feeling under the weather. It's a month where new ventures and projects should be approached with caution. Overcommitting could lead to spreading oneself too thin and potentially falling sick. Prioritizing rest and health is crucial for enjoying the month. The hostile energies of recent times are dissipating, improving relationships and interactions with family, friends, and colleagues.

 Protection and Mitigation: To navigate this period, carrying the Abundance Wu Lou Amulet and placing a Wu Lou in the NW are recommended. The Sky Unicorn can also be a helpful presence on your desk, especially for older Dogs advised against sleeping in Northwest sector bedroom.

 Career: In career matters, despite favorable conditions, the challenge lies in managing low energy and health issues. Organizing schedules and avoiding overcommitment are essential to maintaining efficiency and meeting opportunities. Business activities should focus on building rapport and carefully selecting partners. Trusting instincts in judging potential collaborations can lead to promising ventures, but a focus on team management rather than individual effort is advisable to prevent burnout and mistakes.

 Relationships: In personal life, relationships provide a source of support and comfort. For single Dogs, a new romance is possible but might require minimal effort to flourish. Display a pair of Mandarin Ducks in your bedroom. In education, regular breaks and a focus on excelling in selected areas rather than multitasking can lead to success. Carry a Good Health Amulet Card

This month, Dogs are urged to prioritize self-care and caution in their endeavors. By managing their energy levels and fostering supportive relationships, they can navigate through potential challenges and enjoy a period of stability and growth.


 BOAR's 2024 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (Northwest)

 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019

Monthly Feng Shui 2024 Forecast for Boar

Pigs enter a challenging period marked by the Illness Star, making them more prone to sickness and injuries. This phase demands a slower pace and heightened attention to health. Overexertion can lead to setbacks, so it's essential to get enough rest and avoid taking on too many responsibilities. When overwhelmed, seeking help from friends, family, or colleagues can offer significant relief and support. Focusing on health as a priority can turn this month into a more manageable and positive experience.

Protection and Mitigation: To combat these Feng Shui afflictions, displaying a Wu Lou for Health on the bedside table and carrying the Good Health Talisman Gold Card and Abundance Wu Lou Amulet is recommended. Older Pigs should particularly avoid spending too much time in the Northwest sector. Health and wellness should be a priority, with caution against injuries and prompt attention to health issues. 

Career: At work, staying organized and focused can help navigate potential hurdles. Committing to a few well-executed tasks is better than spreading oneself thin across multiple projects. Reducing social engagements can also aid in maintaining progress and energy levels. In business, managing existing resources and manpower efficiently is key. Venturing into unfamiliar territory should be avoided, with a focus on optimizing current operations and expertise.

Relationships: For personal relationships, this period offers an opportunity to resolve pending issues and spend quality time with partners. Rational decision-making and objective perspectives can help smooth any rough edges in relationships.

Education: In education, discipline and early preparation for exams and assignments can help overcome concentration challenges.

This month, Pigs are encouraged to prioritize their health and well-being while maintaining a steady and focused approach in their endeavors. By managing their energy levels and seeking support when needed, they can navigate through challenges and emerge stronger.