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Victory Banner brings Triumph over Obstacles and Competition

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In Feng Shui, the victory banner is a symbol of the victory that one achieves, whether it be over one’s own body or someone else’s, to overcome obstacles and negative energy.

The victory banner was adopted by early Buddhism as an emblem of the Buddha's enlightenment, heralding the triumph of knowledge over ignorance. Place the victory banner in the South during 2021 to help you triumph over all obstacles, enemies, competition, dis-harmonies, problems and obstructions.

Also suitable to display on the star#1 annual sector, the lucky star that is likely to assist you in attracting triumphant moments and overcoming obstacles in the work place or victory over your competitors. Those ambitious young men engaged in competitive pursuits will highly benefit from this Star. Keep this sector energized by yang energy.  It is also an excellent symbol for wealth recovery, ideal for people who have gone through a very bad time financially

Measure: 3.75" in Height. Made in Bronze.