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Harmony Animals Amulet

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Cultivate Harmonious Relationships with the Three Harmony Animals

The Three Harmony Animals, comprising the 8-Legged Lion, the Fur-Bearing Fish, and the Makara Dragon, are steeped in Buddhist symbolism, uniting three mythical creatures from diverse backgrounds. When presented together in unity, they symbolize the resolution of disputes, the pacification of tempers, and triumph over conflict.

Each of these creatures carries its own unique qualities:

- The 8-Legged Lion fosters harmonious relationships.
- The Fur-Bearing Fish brings tranquility and composure.
- The Makara Dragon serves as a shield against anger.

Together, the 8-Legged Lion, Fur-Bearing Fish, and Makara Dragon, known as the Three Harmony Animals, wield a formidable influence against quarrels, conflicts, fights, and misunderstandings of all kinds. They provide protection against anger, transform adversaries into allies, and reinstate harmony to every relationship. This makes them an exceptional feng shui remedy against the #3 Conflict Star, ensuring that tranquility and understanding prevail.

Metal Charm measure 4.5" L