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Wu Lou “the giver of life”

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Wu Lou also translates to mean “The Giver of Life.” A Wu Lou is traditionally used as a Feng Shui cure to improve health luck and also ward off negative energy. In Feng Shui astrology, the wu lou is used to neutralize the flying Star 2 responsible for sickness energy and Flying Star 5 responsible for bad luck and misfortune.

Wu Lou Feng Shui Placement

1. Wu Lou can be positioned in sector that the annual flying star affliction#2 (Illness Star) fly to because it is believed to to counter the sickness and negative chi brought by this hostile star. Brass Wu Lu is commonly used in this purpose because the material brass belongs Metal (Brass) is the correct element to absorb and weaken Earth #2 Flying Star.

2. Display it in the Tien Yi position  or Health corner in the bedroom according on your KUA number to improve individual health luck.

3. You can also place one on each side of your bed to enhance health luck and also speed up one’s recovery when he/she is ill.

4. If you are looking to enhance health luck for the whole household, place one in the east sector of the living room because this sector is known as the “universal health luck corner”

"Fine craftsmanship" Metal Wu Lou measure 5.5" H x 2.5" wide