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Nine Coins under bed to promote a positive shift in your Finances

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Placing nine Feng Shui coins under the bed is a popular practice to invite positive shifts in finances and attract good luck and wealth. Here's more information about this practice:

Purpose and Symbolism: The act of placing nine coins under the bed combines the symbolism of both the coins and the number nine. Coins are widely regarded as powerful symbols of wealth and prosperity in many cultures. The number nine is considered auspicious in Feng Shui as it represents completeness and eternity.

Activation of Energies: The combination of the red color (associated with the fire element) and the metal element of the coins is believed to activate the energy of wealth and ignite positive financial shifts.

Placement and Position: To implement this practice, place a red box containing nine coins in the foot section of the bed, just below your sleeping position. This placement ensures that you are surrounded by the energy of good luck and wealth as you sleep, inviting positive energy into your financial life. 

Intention and Visualization: Before placing the coins under the bed, set a clear intention for the positive financial shifts you desire.

De-cluttering under the bed is important because it allows energy to flow freely. Clutter can block positive energy and prevent new opportunities from coming in, so its important to keep your space clear of any unnecessary items. De-clutter regularly in order to stay organized and productive.

Red Box measure: 3" x 3" x 2"- includes 9 feng shui coins.