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Ghost Catcher Plaque for Houses near Cemetery & Hospitals

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Energies related to death, disease and decay are not the type of energies you want to live near. Many sad people will visit the grave sites; it is just too somber, especially the actual funeral processions which occasionally take place. There is always an unconscious reminder of death when you live near a cemetery. As well, ghosts and spirits can enter your home when you live too close to a cemetery. Display the Taoist figure of Chung Kwei near the entrance to ward off bad spirits and ghosts. The Chung Kwei plaque is a good protection cure to display at any time if you live near to a cemetery or hospital.

We also recommend burning the herbal smudge to keep negative entities away, use Negative & Bad Entities Herbal mix 

This rustic plaque is good for outdoor spaces and also indoor. Place it in plant pots, garden spaces, near the door entrance, on windows, etc. Plaque measure 5"W x 6.5" H.