28 HUM chime

How 28 HUM Protection Restores Special Areas

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"28 HUM Protection Chime: Complete Shield Against Negative Energy and Harm"

The 28 HUM Protection chime includes complete protection for houses that suffer from Yin energy or need to deal with negative energy. The 28 HUM dispels all kinds of evil, malicious, or harmful harm. It averts accidents and mishaps and renders one “invisible” to the evil intentions of others. When displayed at home, it prevents unfortunate events from unfolding. This chime is suitable for homes with narrow, dark entrances or areas that need to deflect poison arrows, such as electricity poles or oppressive structures pointing at the house. It is also an excellent cure for homes close to cemeteries or hospitals.

For a Residence near a Cemetery: According to Feng Shui, living near cemeteries and graveyards is  harmful. Cemeteries are considered Yin energy and are meant for the dead and decaying energy. The energies produced by these locations can cause illnesses and diseases. If you live next to a cemetery or graveyard, you should pay more attention to your health because these energy sources can affect your body. Living near a cemetery might affect your daily living, draining Yang energy.

Basements, while functional, can possess an energy that is like the room itself in that it's below the ground. Hang the wind chime at the 

entrance or in the center if possible.

5 rods metal chime  with 28 HUM medallion, measure 14" L.