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Red Peony Vase: Love & Harmony

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In Feng Shui, the placement of a red vase adorned with peonies holds symbolic significance, particularly when arranged in the southwest sector of a space, which represents the love and relationship area on the Bagua map. The color red symbolizes passion, vitality, and energy, while peonies are renowned for their association with love, romance, and prosperity. When combined, they create a powerful symbol of love and affection. Placing a red vase with peonies in the southwest sector of a room or home is believed to enhance the energy of love and relationships. It can help attract or strengthen romantic connections, deepen emotional bonds, and foster harmony within partnerships.

7" Ceramic Vase with Red Matte Finish, Red Tassel & Double Happiness Symbol - Fully Glazed Inside. The vase comes with a beautiful and useful Red & Black brocaded Dragon-designed box.